Here are just a few of the questions that we’re regularly asked by people about to join our programme – if there’s anything else that you need to know that isn’t covered here, or if you’re a referrer and want more detail, please call 020 7812 9874.

What happens when I finish treatment?

All Steps2Recovery clients are guaranteed move on accommodation when they finish our programme. It can either be in supported housing or, on occasion (and if you meet specific criteria), via help with rent deposits. We also have a very strong commitment to aftercare and many of our clients return to us on a weekly basis and we have a growing community of Steps2Recovery ‘graduates’.

Who pays for my treatment?

The cost of treatment is free and your rent is covered by Housing Benefit. There is a small weekly contribution to costs which is currently about £5.00. Food is provided via the FareShare scheme, we offer gym membership to all resident clients and we’ll also do our best to help you if you need any legal help, including child custody issues.

Are the 12 Steps an important part of your treatment programme?

Yes definitely, when you’re at Steps we expect you to attend five 12 Step fellowship meetings a week, usually either Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous – there are other fellowships that you might find more suitable and we’ll talk all this through with you on arrival.

What happens after I’ve been referred to you (or have made a self referral)?

We carry out an uncomplicated assessment, either over the phone or in person, and you can ask any questions you have about the programme and how we operate.

Will I have to share a room?

No, all rooms at Steps2Recovery are single occupancy with their own shower room/toilet.

When you talk about ‘abstinence based recovery programme’ what do you mean?

We offer a 12-week, abstinence-based, recovery-focused programme, where abstinence means that you recognise the need to live a life completely free from all mind-altering substances, including; legal highs, alcohol, spice, prescribed benzodiazepines or painkillers, or opiate substitute medications such as methadone or subutex.

What happens on the Step2Recovery ‘structured programme’?

Our structured programme includes: group therapy, 1:1 counselling, steps 1-3 of the 12-Step programme, creative workshops, psych-ed. lectures, alternative therapies, peer mentoring, group outings and comprehensive aftercare.

How long will I stay for?

Our residential programme consists of a 12 week residential stay, on site at the service.

We also offer a 12 week day programme for those unable to commit to a fully residential environment.

What should I bring with me?

We recommend bringing about the same amount of clothing and toiletries as you would take on a two week holiday.

All amenities needed to wash clothes are available on site. As space is a limited commodity at the service, we ask that you do not bring a lot of large personal items.

Items likely to cause noise such as stereos with external speakers are not allowed and to avoid any confusion we ask that you do not bring these kind of items with you if you are part of our residential programme.

Please feel free to bring a few photos of family or other small personal items that might make your space a bit more personal during your stay.

Please do not bring any illicit substances with you. This includes any non prescription drugs, alcohol, ‘legal’ highs or any other mood altering substances. This is a blanket rule in the house and anyone not adhering to it risks being removed from the programme and evicted from the house immediately.