Acclaimed American author Nancy Johnston will be delivering a workshop for Steps2Recovery entitled Your Healthy Self: Skills for Working with Codependent Behaviours

There is limited availability – places cost £65.00 and all proceedings will be donated to Steps2Recovery to book or for more information, please contact Mark Jones at

Nancy examines the following questions in the session:

Do you work with clients who have trouble bringing their focus to themselves? who are so concerned about someone else and what would help or fix or keep that other person that they cannot “put themselves in the formula”? who are reluctant to shift their [clinical] focus to their own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors?

This dynamic of over-functioning for others and under-functioning for self remains a powerful yet under-developed area of counselling work. Known generally as codependence, this clinical issue is still limited in its definition and research. With this awareness and her 25 years of clinical work on this interpersonal + intrapersonal dynamic, Nancy is currently working with this pragmatic definition of codependence: over-functioning on behalf of someone else and under-functioning on behalf of yourself. Treatment goals include creating Your Healthy Self with a healthy increase in self-awareness, self-consideration, and self-efficacy.

Nancy’s psycho-educational session will provide you with conceptual tools and skill-building techniques designed to foster this shift toward a healthy self.

Nancy has presented at many conferences and events and is also the author of a number of publications on the subject of codependent behaviours including Disentangle: When You’ve Lost Your Self in Someone Else (2011) and My Life as a Border Collie: Freedom from Codependency (2012).

Special thanks to ICAAD Events for their help with this event.