Christopher Needler, a longtime supporter of Steps2Recovery, has provided (and continues to provide) structured support and group work to our clients in the area of debt management.

Christopher is the founder and creator of DebtWatchers. He is not your typical debtor, nor did he want in his life the stresses and strains that come with debt, overspending and underearning. Christopher inherited his money, spent it, earned it back, spent it again and earned it back again. At which point, he looked at himself and said ‘something is wrong here’. For over 25 years, he has worked tirelessly on what he can do to stop this habitual path. Using the principles in the DebtWatchers program, he learned to kick his debting habit and get his finances – and his life – back on track.

He uses the principles advocated by DebtWatchers to give our clients alternative perspectives around the reality of how we get locked into debt and also offers strategies that can be employed to get on the road to being free from it.

Steps2Recovery is grateful for Christopher’s contribution to our programme and a short film about his work with our clients can be seen below.