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About Steps2Recovery

Steps2Recovery was set up as a charity in 2010 with the aim of providing help for ex-offenders caught in the merry go round of short prison sentences, homelessness, using and chaotic lifestyles who wanted to turn their lives around and become abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Since July 2014 we have run a rolling 12 week abstinence-based day programme in Stoke Newington, in partnership with St Mungo’s Broadway. We have six beds for resident clients and additionally take up to six day clients. We take male and female clients.

Our Programme

Steps2Recovery provides a five day a week programme that includes group therapy, one-to-one counselling, Steps 1-3 of the 12 Step programme, workshops, lectures, alternative therapies, mentoring, and group outings. As this is an abstinence-based programme the staff undertake drug and alcohol testing to ensure the safety of the house.

The programme is updated regularly to ensure it stays current and relevant to the needs of our clients. Clients have the opportunity to feed into the development of the programme through regular community meetings.

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